Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell us more about the Process?

The process – the essential elements to finding your next home:


FINDING – we will become your eyes and ears; constantly monitoring for new opportunities. In essence you will have a dedicated contact that will coordinate every aspect of your move from start to finish.

  • We have access to properties before they reach the open market – our close relationship with the directors and partners of key estate agents mean we learn of new instructions as soon as the agent is instructed
  • These same relationships give us access to ‘off – market properties’ – those being discreetly marketed at the vendor’s request
  • We also monitor private sales, websites and local media too
  • We can undertake targeted canvassing for a specific property type in a particular area or region on your behalf
  • We personally visit properties of interest and prepare detailed independent summaries showing how closely the properties meet with your specific ideals
  • We can save you time making journeys to view properties that are not as they appear in the marketing information
  • We research carefully the background about the properties and also the vendor’s motives for selling to put us into the best possible bargaining position to take you to the next stage.

Having received a complete and concise summary of our findings, clients are then in a far better position to make a productive journey to the area so avoiding wasting their time. We are able to pre-empt important aspects of a proposed purchase and adequately prepare clients for their move.

The NEGOTIATING part of the service, involves liaising with you constantly and consistently; we are aiming to have the lowest offer accepted, with terms to suit you.

Securing the right home in the right place is one of the most important decisions we make in our lives. Whilst we all want a comfortable home, it is also crucial that the financial investment is sound. We can use our extensive knowledge of a particular area or region to ensure that you do not pay too much for the home you wish to buy.

We aim to give a completely impartial view – we are a personal property consultant looking after your interests. We are also well positioned to introduce specific property professionals (e.g. Surveyors, Architects, and Interior & Landscape Designers) who are particularly suited to different properties.

Once the offer has been accepted, we continue to consider (due diligence) every aspect of the property, working with the surveyor, talking to the neighbours and if need be to the local planners, liaising with your solicitor until contracts are signed and exchanged.

SETTLING IN – the property is secured and our service continues; helping you move in and being on hand to advise on any aspect of your new home and then as you become accustomed to your home, we can assist you with finding reputable local tradesmen and suppliers.

What is the difference between an Estate Agent and you?

The difference between an Estate Agent and us

We are not estate agents – we are specifically employed by people to help them find homes to either purchase or rent.

The estate agent is acting and paid by the vendor rather than the buyer. Their role is to achieve the highest possible price for their clients.

We only act for purchasers or those seeking rented accommodation. Although we do not sell any properties we do have a strong background of the property industry including estate agency.

We always preview and shortlist properties and only suggest the properties that meet with your criteria and that are worth considering.

We endeavour to remain fully up to date with the latest information about local sale prices. We utilise our considerable database of local agents and property contacts when negotiating on your behalf – which then gives you the precious advantage over both the vendor and other rival buyers.

In fact many estate agents recommend us because they know we are completely independent. We are very often given the ‘tip off’ for properties coming to the market as there are some vendors who do wish their home to be widely advertised initially – this way discretion is assured.

Paid by our clients – fully committed purchasers – we work alongside estate agents (not in direct competition) and combine to reach a successful outcome to each property search and transaction.

Can you explain more about the types of searches undertaken?

Examples of specific types of searches that have been undertaken

We find and acquire all sorts of residential properties for private clients be it a family home, weekend cottage, holiday home or a job relocation to the region.

Our service begins with a thorough review of what you are looking for and why; buying a property is about a lot more than just place and price – we help you finalise your specific ‘must haves’ and your ‘desirables’ before embarking upon finding your next home. It is also worth noting that at any one time, we only act for a very limited number of people; this way we avoid any possible client overlap scenarios and conflicting interests.

  • If a family purchase, we need to take into account all the aspects of family life – where you work, schools, friends, transport logistics, aspirations…
  • Clients acquiring second homes have particular challenges often associated with being located away from the county (and sometimes out of the country) for the majority of their time and having limited scope to carry out a comprehensive and detailed home search…
  • If an investment, returns and exit strategy have to be considered; we are perhaps uniquely placed to advise on potential investment property to ensure your investment gives you the net returns you require…
  • For retirement, with years of experience helping people move home and having actually worked alongside two different Retirement ‘Later Living’ Builders, we are well equipped to handle all types of requests…
  • Clients trying to find with specific, unusual requirements – ‘Homes within the City walls’ ‘Homes with direct sandy beach frontage’ ‘ Homes for all our pets’ ’Homes with enough land for a level landing strip for a Micro – Light Glider’ …
  • We can undertake a rental search too if required – this involves actively identifying and securing a quality rental property often resulting in fairly complex negotiations…
  • Land / plot search – we can provide assistance with securing single building plots or development land; by tapping into our considerable expertise & local contacts we are able to uncover opportunities of genuine interest specifically for our clients; we often see properties before others get to hear.

Is your role only to find properties?

Is your role only to find properties?

Having found you a property which you want to secure, we would then provide advice, guidance and agree the ideal strategy; actually undertaking the negotiation on your behalf, if required.

Importantly, we can provide valid reputable suggestions and coordinate any third party involvement with associated property professionals – mortgage advisors, solicitors, schools advisors, landscape gardeners, structural surveyors, architects and planning experts, builders, interior designers, etc.

We see our role from here as overseeing and monitoring the entire transaction process from acceptance of offer right the way through to exchange and completion; updating you both regularly and constructively.

Upon completion we are available if required to provide ongoing after-care support and guidance which shall help you to ‘settle in’ to your new home and surroundings.

After care is very important to us; having found a suitable property to purchase or rent, we will continue to help by recommending any other relevant professionals who can make your move a success.