Guildford on Top by Millions

According to a recent survey undertaken by Zoopla, it states that just over three quarters of a million properties (768,553) within the UK are now valued at £1 million or more – that equates to 2.7% of the total UK housing stock.

This demonstrates an increase of 22.9% (143,476) recorded million pound properties within an 18 month period of analysis between August 2016 and January 2018 throughout the nation.

The research survey unsurprisingly denotes that more than half of the nation’s million pound properties (430,720) are cited within London. The remaining majority however, are located within the South East of England (180,397), with two out of the top ten locations both lying within the county of Surrey.

According to Zoopla’s analysis, it found that outside of the nation’s capital, Guildford, Surrey (5,889) topped the list of the most million pound plus properties, with Leatherhead, Surrey (4,707) and Twickenham (4,596) both also featuring within the top 10 nationwide locations.

It perhaps comes as no surprise that the value of Guildford’s homes have performed so well within this period, given that it ticks most of the boxes that aspiring movers, relocators and investors tell us they are ideally seeking: excellent schooling, good commutability for London / airports, acquiring more bricks for your money, private parking, lovely countryside, cosy pubs, fine dining establishments and an excellent array of retail and leisure establishments catering to all tastes and budgets.

Below are the various tables demonstrating how and where ‘property millionaires’ are located across the UK, according to Zoopla’s analysis:

Table of top 10 regions of property millionaire’s across Britain, according to Zoopla’s estimates:

1. London (430,720)
2. South East England (180,397)
3. East of England (69,840)
4. South West England (33,717)
5. North West England (12,552)
6. West Midlands (12,219)
7. Scotland (11,101)
8. East Midlands (6,845)
9. North East England (4,835)
10. Yorkshire and the Humber (4,103)
11. Wales, 2,223

Table of top 10 postal towns – excluding London – with the highest number of million pound properties, according to Zoopla’s findings:

1. Guildford (5,889)
2. Cambridge (5,530)
3. Reading (5,421)
4. Sevenoaks (5,416)
5. Oxford (5,242)
6. St Albans (4,981)
7. Bristol (4,792)
8. Edinburgh (4,759)
9. Leatherhead (4,707)
10. Twickenham (4,596)

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