Presentation skills – Lights…action!

Schools go back & we get set for ‘The Baftas/Oscars’ season…it’s also that time – ‘New Year, New Home’ – when people prepare for a move.

First things first you need to get all of your preparations for selling in order – let’s consider the appearance. Let in the light*… 

From a buyer’s perspective (well I am a Homefinder after all!) I can never understand why property agents still forget to turn lights on when they accompany me on a viewing – surely they’re missing a trick for their clients!

It is important at night or on a particularly dull day to turn both the outside & inside lights on (as they do in New Home ‘Show-homes’) to encourage potential buyers, with a warm welcoming ambience, helping them picture themselves living in your home.

During the Winter months, it’s most likely that the any viewing appointments will happen during office hours, so it’s about making the best of the natural light first. Starting at the windows, open up the blinds, tie back any heavy drapes & let the light in.

Image (3)Living rooms

Lighting your rooms can be about more than just a bright bulb and an attractive lamp shade.

Perhaps have in mind that if your property was being professionally photographed you would be avoiding any potential bad lighting issues – we don’t want any washed out, graininess!

Then there’s lamps which can either brighten up a dark corner, or add a subtle touch.

Think about the colour of your light bulbs – the hue – whether you want a warmer or cooler kind of glow.

Also consider your fittings – do they add to the whole scheme that you are trying to portray? If in doubt, leave it out (ask for friend’s opinion perhaps?).


Is the lighting looking dated? If so replace & whilst sorting, with ‘qualified assistance’, maybe worth fitting an extractor, if you don’t have one – water & electricity don’t mix!


And lastly, don’t forget exterior lighting.

Particularly as you approach, the front of your property is clearly going to be making an important first impression. However not forgetting the rear of the property some attention to having  inexpensive solar lights, or little LEDs in the decking, can be a good investment in the long run, adding to the overall appeal.

(*inspired, in part, from reading an excellent High Street Agency ‘blog’…)

Finally some advice about visits to properties (with tongue firmly in cheek)

‘…some real danger signs that potential house purchasers should be on the lookout for…you are only allowed to view after dark & in dry weather, the owner clearly lives in a tent in the garden, the furniture is all nailed to the floor, policeman are seen digging up the garden, you are asked to walk only near the walls, the vendor expresses total surprise that you turned up at all…’ (K Ray)


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