Ways to get to know your new neighbours!

20170615_125355With a client completion coming up, there’s always the discussion about neighbours, the neighbourhood & whether to introduce yourself…or wait to be introduced?

As part of an ‘after-care service’ we believe in making the first move…in fact it is something we encourage (& forms part of our ‘client due diligence’).

It doesn’t have to be a major hurdle getting to know new people when moving to a new area & perhaps unfamiliar surroundings – may we share some easy ways to get to know your new neighbourhood.

As the removal men depart – the transition from just a house purchase into making your very own home – can be all about familiarizing yourself with the new surroundings, so where to start:

Preparation before your move:

  • When your move is all agreed & you have exchanged contracts, do re-visit the area, as well as your new home, before moving in so you can find out all about where the best pubs, bars, cafes, shops & restaurants are.
  • Consider your commute – whether you shall be walking (or if you are running late, chasing!), or taking public transport or driving to work – then familiarize yourself with your route & perhaps try out the school-run; that way you avoid any early mishaps.

Completion day onwards:

  • Once you have the keys, make sure to visit your neighbour & get the introductions out the way – with my very first house, I didn’t & forever regretted it! A quick acknowledgement & introduction quietly ‘indicates’ your arrival & can encourage new friendships from the outset.
  • If you are the sociable type – keen to get out & meet people – it would be worthwhile joining a local sports, fitness or book club perhaps so you can meet like-minded people.
  • If you have children, a local parenting group could be a great way to find out what is available for families as well as introducing your children to new friends too. Check out if there’s a local Facebook page set up to keep the community informed about what’s on in the area, find out about play groups & where the best nurseries are too.
  • As soon as possible pay a visit to your local shopkeepers – by getting to know them (perhaps follow them on social media?) this can be an opening to a wealth of inside local knowledge on what’s happening in your area as well for good local contacts & tradespeople. It’s not all about the best (& the best avoided) restaurants, pubs, cafes & any local stores – it’s also nice to have a friendly face to talk to when you get your groceries.
  • When you do go to the local pub, bar or restaurant, sit at the bar so you get to know the bar staff & there’s no doubt they in turn will then introduce you to other people. Find out if any of the local pubs have a regular quiz night as these can be a great way to get to know the locals.


Just a thought…tongue in cheek, as Keith Ray points out – try to recall ‘ …the reasons for moving home: To move to a more pleasant , quieter or classier neighbourhood – because the neighbours found out about you – to move further away from your mother-in-law, the taxman, debt collector, the police, etc. (especially if they are all the same person…).’

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